PROTECT leaflet published

“We just use the old ways.” How many times have you heard that in connection with ports and shipping? Even today, many ports still don’t have a fully digitalised way for ships to report information; even today, ports and port users are being left behind when it comes to electronic reporting, making do with emails, Excel spreadsheets and web screens, and sending often less-than-clear information via ship agents.

There are certainly gaps in the processes – but on the other hand, many port authorities just do not realise that there are standards already in place for the electronic exchange of information.

Created in 1992 by six major ports in Europe, to harmonise and optimise electronic information exchange by means of standardised messages legally required in ports, the port message design group PROTECT supports the electronic reporting required by authorities from vessels entering or leaving a port or port area.

In order to create more understanding on the work of PROTECT, IPCSA has published a leaflet , called “The PROTECT Group explained” which can be downloaded directly here: PROTECT – The PROTECT group explained (leaflet)