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Future of IPCSA – Chairmanship handed over to the next generation

We are excited to announce that IPCSA Executive Committee on 8 of February 2023 (Felixstowe) appointed Javier Gallardo (Portic, Barcelona) as Chair and Steve Lamb (MCP, UK) as Vice Chair. Javier Gallardo has praised Hans Rook’s chairmanship for all his achievements in leading IPCSA and said: “I’m pleased and honoured to continue the journey of […]

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Lockdowns and war create China-Europe cargo bottlenecks – Hans Rook, Chairman, IPCSA

Being accustomed to an abundance of messages from e-commerce multinationals in the Far East, it struck me that things have become rather quiet in recent weeks. I then realised the connection with the alarming messages from China about the most recent lockdowns in which entire cities and, therefore, ports have been closed. Reading transport and […]

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